Final evolution of the original Maserati Tipo 26 to compete against the latest Alfa Romeo 8C Monza and Tipo A as well as against the T 51 Bugatti. It was fitted with a Tipo 26M engine with its cylinders bored out by 4 mm to arrive at its limit of 2.8 litres and produced 205 bhp at 5,500 rpm. Developed in close collaboration with carburettor maker Edoardo Weber of Bologna. The compact, low-line body ensured improved aerodynamics. Top speed was between 210 and 230 km/h (130 to 143 mph). Of the 14 Tipo 26Ms (or 8C 2500s) made, at least four received the 2.8-litre engine and re-body, transforming them into 8C 2800s.


Длина, мм 3840
Ширина, мм 1565
Высота, мм 1210
База, мм 2750
Объем топливного бака, л 130
Снаряженная масса, кг 820
Трансмиссия 4 ступ.
Тип двигателя 8-цилиндровый
Рабочий объем, см3 2811
Максимальная мощность, л.с. (об/мин) 205 (5500)
Максимальная скорость, км/ч 210-230